Zone-tailed Hawk, etc. for January 1

Jim Royer

I was out most of today seeing how many species I could find walking and cycling.

Highlights included a Zone-tailed Hawk at about 7:30 am as it flew by the edge of the bay from a vulture morning roost on the bay side of Pecho Willows. I assume it is the same one that Tom found, which continues to be seen at the State Park Marina boardwalk.

At about 9:15, I saw an adult Bonaparte’s Gull with other gulls at the Baywood pier.

Starting at about 11:15 am, at the large weedy area overlooking the bay from the bay side of South Bay Blvd., just south of the Quarry Trailhead, I scoped the bay. I saw 2 or 3 Eurasian Wigeon, an adult White-fronted Goose, 2 Gadwall, and many other waterfowl. This spot is good for viewing waterfowl at tides of close to 6’ (harbor patrol tide book and Tribune tide charts) or higher. The closest place to park would be at the trailhead. Please be careful crossing and walking along South Bay Blvd.

The Hermit Warbler in my front yard continues at the hummingbird feeders viewable from the street at 337 Henrietta Ave, Los Osos.  I have not seen the Cassin’s Finches in several days.

Jim Royer
Los Osos