Female Black-throated Gray Warbler/ Nipomo

Sue Girard

Appeared at my grd BB about 5 :30 this eve Serendipity had me at the kitchen sink with a good view. Near-black crown, white supercillium, yellow lores, grey back, and near-black band across upper chest, black streaky sides, Thick dark grey line across eyes to back of head.  

The bird bath is a large clay saucer that catches the outflow line for my RO unit, set up as a drip, and happened to be dripping at the time with a distinctive 'plink-plink'. I get one of these birds every year either spring or fall, for a few minutes,. Then gone. Local Jay set up a cry, which brought over a Titmouse and Anna's Hummingbird which weren't sure about sharing the water. Surprising how tiny the warbler was compared to the Titmouse.

*editing 8/25 to report a male of the same species this noon. I only have an old iphone that takes lousy photos, but decided to try, which is where I caught the male throat pattern  on this individual.

Sue Girard