Monterey Seabirds is OPEN!

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Monterey Seabirds is Open - Starting this Sunday 8-16!  Join us for pelagic seabird and wildlife tours in Monterey Bay! We would like people to know that Monterey Seabirds, in operation for 17 years, is offering five upcoming pelagic trips - 8/16 (8 hr), 8/30 (12 hr), 9/20 (8 hr), 10/4 (8 hr), and 10/18 (8 hr). To reserve please call 831-375-4658 or reserve online at

Seabird migration dates vary somewhat from year to year, but species like the Long-tailed Jaeger and Sabine’s gull generally pass California in August and early September, and Buller’s Shearwater and Laysan Albatross pass through a bit later in late September-early October.  Species like Sooty Shearwater and Black-footed Albatross are around from summer into fall.  Other possible species include parasitic and pomarine jaegers, rhino and cassin's auklets, murrelets, skua, tern spp., phalarope spp., a variety of shearwater spp., and commons such as murres, gulls, cormorants.

Trip leaders include Rod Norden, Phil Brown, Don Roberson, Dorian Anderson, Mark Kudrav, Don Glasco, Nick Levendosky, Steve Rovell, and several others. Each trip is limited to 24 birders (reduced capacity due to Covid) so there will be several leaders on each trip to allow a good ratio of leaders to participants. Under Covid rules, we operate with reduced capacity allowing for spacing, require masks, and sanitize throughout the trip.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch
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Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 375 - 4658
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