CA Towhee family

Rubba Johanna

I have a family of California Towhees in my back patio. I've seen up to 5 birds fluttering about, at least two adults. But the chicks are big enough now that it's hard to differentiate them from the adults. I think their nest might be in a hedge of jade plants at the back of the garden. I have put out seed and a large saucer of water, and they're taking advantage of both. I've seen the adults drinking and pecking at the seeds, and the young perch on various edges, beg to be fed, and are given food by a parent. It's been interesting, because, although I've always seen a pair around my place in spring, I've never heard the full range of their vocalizations, including the chick's begging sound.

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach