Pismo Pergrines

Rick Derevan

Has anyone seen young peregrines at this spot this year? I’ve been down twice and have not seen or heard them. I did see two adults on my first visit a couple of weeks ago, but no birds today.

When I went today, I heard some disturbing news. I talked to Tony, the hotel groundsman, who is a keen observer of the falcons; he has not seen any young this year, and said they were off the nest last year on June 10. So they should be out and about now.

He went on to say that a while ago the hotel discovered that the chain link fence had been cut at a point above where the aerie is. The hotel fixed the fence but discovered a week later it had been cut again. Tony surmises that someone rappelled down the cliff and took the chicks. He thinks that the fence was cut twice because the chicks were too young to be taken the first time the fence was cut.

He also told me he had had a discussion about this with a woman who had come to look for the falcons and (I think he said) she was planning to report to Fish & Game. Beyond that, he didn’t know anything else.

This is, of course, quite disturbing, and I hope it it’s not true. But I would be grateful for whatever information members of this group have.

Thank you.

Rick Derevan