North American Birds Spring Report

Tom Edell

SLOCo birders,

(I have shamelessly copied and altered the following request for bird reports
posted by Tom and Joe Heindel, compilers for Inyo County.)

With the spring season ending (March-May) it is time for observers to send
their sightings to county coordinators for the North American Birds spring
report. For San Luis Obispo County, I ask that reports are received by the
7th of June (email is fine) so I can have them in the mail to the regional
editor by the 10th. Remember that a posting does not constitute a report or
documentation. I cannot not include in my SLO County report any sightings for
which I have not received proper documentation. Sightings I have heard about
or read about on the net are only rumors until an "official" report is
received. I encourage all observers to take the extra time necessary to turn
their personal sightings into county records by submitting a report of
interesting birds seen and documentation for those species whose occurrence
is rare or casual for the area. If you are unsure if a species is rare, I
suggest you refer to publiations such as the Morro Coast Audubon pamphlet
"The Birds of San Luis Obispo County California" or Dunn and Garretts "Birds
of Southern California" or contact me by phone or email. In advance, I thank
everyone willing to take the time to report and document their sightings.

Tom Edell
46 Eighth Street
Cayucos, Ca 93430