Cypress Ridge Survey

Karen Clarke <seachest@...>

Tuesday, May 16, Dick Davis ran a survey of the bird species present at
Cypress Ridge golf course. Eric Johnson and I helped him. The course is
brand new, but very attractive. Several lakes provide a great draw for
birds, including 2 Least Terns, 1 Greater White-fronted Goose (who thought
it was a Mallard), 1 White-tailed Kite, several Killdeer pairs fiercely
protecting their young (one of which tried to become invisible in the green
apron of a green), and a Black Phoebe pair nesting in the eaves of a

I'm not sure of the number Dick had for total number of species present. I
counted 55, possibly 56. Among birds seen were: Possible White-throated
Swift, Anna's & Allen's Hummingbirds, Western Wood-Pewee, Pacific-slope
Flycatcher, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Cassin's & Western Kingbirds,
Loggerhead Shrike, Tree, Cliff, & Barn Swallows, 2-3 Bewick's Wren families,
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Cedar Waxwings, 1 Orange-crowned Warbler, Western
Tanagers, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Purple & House Finches, 2 Lawrence's
Goldfinches, as well as American Goldfinch.

This morning at Santa Rosa Creek by the Windsor Blvd bridge Chickadees were
feeding in larger than normal numbers on both sides of the road. Some of
them were fledglings begging for food. I estimate that there were 20-25
individuals. I still haven't heard or seen a Yellow Warbler here. Two
Warbling Vireos were new arrivals.

I have a question. In the past a Western Gull with one droopy wing has
spent a number of months at our house partaking of goodies from the dumpster
and from our house. We were able to hand feed it. It departed and was
absent for a number of months. I wasn't keeping track of the bird's
presence at that time. It returned, I think, sometime in late spring 1999.
The bird showed up every morning and late afternoon until March 10. This
afternoon, May 18, I saw it awaiting a handout on the railing of our deck in
front of the house. I fed it leftover sardines. Where would the bird have
gone for two months? It was around all of last summer. I seems impossible
that it could have bred. Do gulls return to the same locations yearly?
what's the story?

Karen C.