Stenner Creek Field Trip 29 April

Mike Stiles

The Morro Coast Audubon sponsored field trip at Stenner Creek on the Cal
Poly campus was very productive this morning. The highlight was a
BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD. We also had at least 6 Western Tanagers, many
Black-headed Grosbeaks, and at least 5 Pacific-slope Flycatchers.
Warblers included Wilson's, Yellowthroat, Orange-crowned, Yellow-rumped,
and Nashville. The pond near the dairy unit had four breeding-plumaged
Spotted Sandpipers.

Interestingly there were NO sparrows other than Song and no Orioles or
flycatcher types which have been present the previous week.

The numbers, which were way up from just two days ago, indicated to me
that a migration push is underway.

Mike Stiles
Los Osos, CA