Bird Survey - Cypress Ridge Golf Course

Paloma Nieto <palomanieto@...>


The new Cypress Ridge Golf Course in the Nipomo/Arroyo Grande area is a
Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System. On Saturday, May 13th,
Cypress Ridge will be participating (competing) with 63 other certified golf
courses across North America in a Birdwatching Open. I'm looking for
volunteers as I need a team of 2-3 to participate in this event on that day.
The goal is simple - merely check off noted species, so I'm sure our local
diversity might put us in contention. Part of the course borders Black Lake
Canyon, and the course itself has several ponds. I would like to participate
myself, but I have a family event and may have a number of out-of-town
visitors. I'll arrange for a pretour, a map of the course and environs, the
rules of the event, and golf carts if necessary. As a member of their
Resource Advisory Committee, I'll be coordinating this event. Please respond
directly back to me, and not to the list.
Thanks (and thanks to Paloma - my other half - for allowing me access to
your list).
Dick Davis
(805) 929-5377