Montana De Oro State Park


The great blue heron chicks hatched about one week ago...this is the
only nest (located in a eucalyptus tree by Camp Keep) in MDO that I am
aware of and has been active 3 of the last 4 years.
A western scrub jay perched on the back of a yearling mule deer while it
was grazing in the yard yesterday. I first saw this behavior in 1974 up
Poly Canyon at Cal Poly- a scrub jay perched on the head of a deer right
between its ears! I know others have occasionally observed this too and
I came across a short writeup about it in an ornithological journal
years ago.

The peregrines at Morro Rock are still incubating eggs -watched two
incubation exchanges yesterday- and are expected to hopefully hatch by
this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Can anyone explain why my visiting nephews and nieces were finding so
many bird eggs lying around on the ground, apparently quite randomly,
early this morning? Must have been a good night of migration!