SLO Birds 4/15

Tom Edell

I have birded the Cayucos Creek mouth for over twenty years, so I consider it
a good day when I get a new bird at that location. The last one I recall was
a Ruff I found there a few falls ago. This morning I added another bird to
my Cayucos Creek mouth list when a CANYON WREN was seen and heard singing
along the rock armoring the parking lot. There are no known locations for
this species in the immediate area, so I must assume it was a migrant. I am
aware of one other record of a migrant Canyon Wren in SLOCo, a bird Eric
Johnson had in the City of San Luis Obispo on 2 Aug 1991. Aside from the
wren other birds of interest were 300-500 shearwaters banking offshore at the
horizon (probably Sooty) and a flock of Black and Ruddy Turnstones on the
beach, some of which were in alternate plumage.


Tom Edell
Cayucos, Ca