SLO Birdz 3/18

Tom Edell

Mike Stiles and I birded the northeastern part of the county this morning.
From Atascadero we drove east on Hwy 41 to Shandon where we birded the county
park. Just the usual White-crowned Sparrows, Robins, Lesser Goldfinches,
etc., at the park. From there we drove south on San Juan Creek Road to
Gillis Canyon Road which we drove to Bitterwater Road. Of interest on Gillis
Canyon Road were a singing male PURPLE FINCH, CASSIN'S KINGBIRD, and an
ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER (showing an orange crown) in willows along a narrow
drainage. On Bitterwater Road, we drove south to the area that is sometimes
a lake (which it wasn't), turned around and headed back to Annette Road which
we took east into Kern County. Before the summit of the road is a sag pond
(I believe formed by the San Andreas Fault). There we had a migrant female
BELTED KINGFISHER that flew in from the south across the pond, landed, and
flew off north. Further east on Annette Road we turned north on Davis Road
when we shortly spotted a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK on a telephone pole. We made two
stops along Davis Road, one at an abandoned ranch with a unique patch of
fairly dense habitat for esatern SLOo and further north at drainage with
cottonwoods and willows that parrallels the road. In both locations we found
CASSIN'S and WESTERN KINGBIRDS. Davis Road has in the past been a great
migrant spot and is probably best from mid-April to mid-May. check it out.


Tom Edell
Cayucos, Ca