Brad Schram

Hi All:

The past couple weeks I've been home, a fairly constant stream of swallows
has gone by the house here in AG, as is typical for this time of year. Tree
Swallows predominate, Violet-greens are numerous, and a few Cliffs are also
seen occasionally. Also seen going north these past few mornings with the
NE wind have been small flocks of House Finches and Lesser Goldfinches, with
a few American Goldfinches added. This morning a Lawrence's Goldfinch went
by high overhead, due north. These flights are also typical of the relative

The visible, diverse morning flights of warblers, orioles, buntings,
grosbeaks, tanagers, flycatchers, and others will start here in mid-late
April, if weather conditions are right. Lots of birds will continue through
virtually every night once migration of these species starts in earnest, of
course, but morning east or north-east winds are needed in order to see the
procession as rarely, but consistently, happens here each spring.