a pretty day at Soda Lake 3/6/00

Miller, Mark C <mark.c.miller@...>

Hi Everyone--

On my way home from LA on Monday 3/6, I drove Soda Lake Road from highway
166 to highway 58 and took 58 out to the east. East of Maricopa, 166 is
closed due to flooding. In the way of birds, I saw 2 ad. light-morph
Ferruginous Hawks, 2 Golden Eagles, and many Mountain Bluebirds. Nothing
rare among the Horned Larks, Savannah Sparrows, and Lark Sparrows, and no
waterbirds on the lake. The roads on the east side were too gooey for my
car, but it was nice seeing a dusting of snow on the Temblors and all the
green grass and puffy clouds. Two Phainopeplas on highway 58 at milepost KER
3.0 were a treat, as were a San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel from Soda Lake
Road and 15 Pronghorn on highway 58 just west of McKittrick.

Mark Miller