SLO birds

Mike Stiles

Hello all
I know you've received your welcome message, but I needed to clarify and
add a few things.

It is set up now so when you hit the reply button on your computer, it
will reply to the sender, not to the whole group. If you want to reply
to the whole group, you need to hit "reply to all". This might alleviate
the problem of sending personal notes to the whole group. If you would
like to add to the discussion, by all means post it to the group.

Egroups is a free listserv, but they sometimes add small advertisements
at the bottom of the posts. I haven't found it to be a problem on the
Santa Barbara listserv. It costs $59.40 per year to remove the ads. It
will stay as is unless someone wants to pay.

Someone asked about bio.rarebirds. SLOCObirding is replacing
bio.rarebirds. I appreciate the computer time that Cal Poly offered us,
but we became too popular to keep it there.

Above all else, this is your listserv. Use it often, and happy birding.

If you know of someone who would like to join, they may subscribe
through the San Luis Obispo County Birding website at: Look for the egroup box.

Take care
Mike Stiles