12 May and 13 May

Mike Stiles

Yesterday afternoon (12 May) I walked Jim Royer's neighborhood hoping to
luck out on the Dickcissel that he heard a few days earlier. No luck
there, but Pecho Willows was very birdy. I had Yellow Warbler, Wilson's
Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Western Tanagers and
Pacific-slope Flycatchers.

Today at Poly (hoping to reap the benefit of Brad's moon watching) I had
at least 3 Yellow Warblers, Olive-sided Flycatcher, many Western
Tanagers and BH Grosbeaks. The Black-chinned Hummingbird was in the same
Sycamore tree that I had seen it in on April 29th.

Mike Stiles
Los Osos, CA