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Correction to Skinned Sea Lion Posting


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Joyce cory

2 G-c Kinglets, Black Hill, Morro Bay, 1/16

Jim Royer

I visited Black Hill today after being at the Morro Bay Community Center, for MBWBF. (Black Hill <  1 mile from Center.) (Avoid getting there after 4 pm, as it gets very quiet as the sun gets low.)

The only unusual species was Golden-crowned kinglet. I heard 2, repeatedly making thin high pitched call notes. I had quick looks at this small, shy kinglet (with a very different head pattern than common Ruby-crowned.)  The rest of my list is on eBird (including 3 Hairy Woodpeckers).

The G-c kinglets were near the La Loma trailhead, uphill from Quintana. They were moving around and not in a flock.

Jim Royer
Los Osos

Odds and Ends Today (Jan 16)

Tom Edell

Curtis Marantz and I saw the continuing adult SNOW GOOSE and two adult male ALLEN’S HUMMINGBIRDS in the Pismo State Beach Oceano Campground lagoon this morning. A single RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH was in the campground.  However, we were unable to locate the male Black-throated Green Warbler.


The continuing adult and immature SNOW GEESE at Laguna Lake were near the bathrooms and 10 Aleutian CACKLING GEESE were at the Madonna Road end of the lake. A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW and a slate-colored FOX SPARROW were seen at the western end of Priolo-Martin Park along Vista del Collados.


Tom Edell

Cayucos, CA


North Coast

Karen Clarke <seachest@...>

Gale Kordowski and I scouted hwy 1 from Cambria north to the Elephant Seal Rookery in preparation for the MBWBF North Coast field trips Jan 16 & 17.

We saw a male AMERICAN WIGEON in the estuary at Santa Rosa Creek.

A female HOODED MERGANSER, male GREEN-WINGED TEAL swam in the estuary, and 40+ SNOWY PLOVERS ran actively through the pebbly area of beach.

At San Simeon State Park pier there was a RED-THROATED LOON. numerous scoters were too far away to differentiate Surf from any White-winged or Black.

We only saw GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS at the Elephant Seal Rookery. We also observed the birth of a pup.

Karen Clarke

Brant numbers


FYI for this weekend's field trip leaders or anyone interested:  I did 2 Brant counts on Morro Bay this week (one for DFG and one for my data).  I only found 134 on Monday and 116 today - my lowest January counts in the last 18 years.  Over a decade ago, before the current eelgrass crash began, my numbers this time of year often ran between 3,500 and 5,000.  My tally counter finger muscles are out of shape...

John Roser
Los Osos

dark Peregrine


There was a very dark first year Peregrine in the dead cypress trees at the end of First St. just west of the Baywood Pier in Los Osos this morning.  Seemed like a Peale's type to me.  If anyone is interested I can send you a digiscoped photo.

John Roser
Los Osos

Glaucous-winged x Herring Gull, Los Osos

Kaaren Perry

On 1/13 I noticed an interesting gull roosting on the sandbar at Baywood Pier in Los Osos.  This  bird looked like a Herring Gull on the upper parts. slightly paler than the nearby California Gulls. The primaries were blackish with white wingtips. The bird had Glaucous-winged features on the head and bill, the bill was very thick and there was light head smudging. The eyes were small and dark and showed a reddish eye ring. The size and structure was similar to the nearby Western Gulls. The pale mantle suggested the other parent as a  Herring, not Western. Blackish wingtips would rule out a pure Glaucous-winged Gull.

From what I could find to reference I believe this bird is a Glaucous-winged x Herring hybrid often found breeding in Cook Inlet in the gulf of Alaska.

I have put a short series of photos on my flickr site.  Although I was struggling with the light, I hope that they still show some of the features discussed above.  Any further id comments would be appreciated.

Kaaren Perry

Pecho Swamp and Western Flycatcher

Jim Royer

In the latter part of the morning, in the grove of trees located just west of the west end of Henrietta, in Los Osos,  I found a calling Swamp Sparrow and a "Western" Flycatcher that Jay Carroll has reported before. They were both next to the golf course fence on the south boundary where it was quite sunny. Jay previously heard, and I heard today a call which sounded like Pacific-slope.

Jim Royer 
Los Osos

River Oaks Pond - Paso Robles

Kyle Weichert

We had at least 8 RING-NECKED DUCKS in the ponds at River Oaks in Paso Robles yesterday and today.  Also, 10 or so hooded mergansers, american widgeon, and couple of female pintails among the usual other species.  Also, a single cackling goose and ross's goose.  Tons of bufflehead.  Great place for waterfowl the last few days.

Kyle and Audrey Weichert
Templeton, CA

Avila alcids

Jay Carroll

This afternoon I saw a MARBLED MURRELET and a COMMON MURRE from Avila Rd. just west of the Cal Poly Pier. The murrelet was on the water about 300 yds offshore, but still within scope distance making it possible to observe its posture and plumage well enough for a positive identification. The murre was much closer, swimming just beyond the surf line. It was an adult still in breeding plumage with an entirely black head and neck extending to a rounded border at the white breast.

Jay Carroll

Los Osos

Oso Flaco 1/14

Ross Schaefer

Hello all,

The willows were more active than usual at Oso Flaco this morning. I had at least 2 Myrtle Yellow-rumps, and most surprising an out of season Wilson's Warbler. On the lake we saw 1 Virginia Rail, 2 Soras, and heard many more of each.

Ross and Mike Schaefer


location of Rose-breasted Grosbeak--someone asked

Calvin French <cal.french@...>

I thought I had posted the location of the RBGB yesterday, but maybe not. Anyway, it is in the Adelaida area, 12 miles west of the intersection of Chimney Rock Road and Nacimiento Lake Road (G-13), and off Chimney Rock Rd. The bird has returned today. If you want to visit, please email me (mailto:cal.french@...) and arrange for a time and I'll give you specific directions. The bird spends most of its time in a nearby coastal live oak.

purple finch slo


Just had a male Purple Finch in the yard in SLO near Vet's Hall:  a first for this location in 9 years.  Pine Siskins still present and Steller's Jays are in the creek near the Vet's Hall on Park Street.
Nancy Mann

Nancy Jean Mann
San Luis Obispo

"A duck a day!!!!"  William Henry "Hank" Deveraux, Jr.'

'I've seen so much stupid in my years that I can't remember all of it,'  2014 James Turner.

Rose-breasted Grossbeak location

Calvin French <cal.french@...>

I neglected to give my location in my post. It's in the Adelaida area, 12 miles NE of Cambria.
Cal French
PS I have some photos if you want to see them. This is a male bird in first-year migratory plumage. 

Redhead @ Atascadero Water Treatment Plant

Maggie Smith

Very foggy on the north coast this morning.Thought there was a male REDHEAD, but had to bird other sites for a few hours so I could go back and verify when the fog began to lift. Also 2 adult BALD EAGLES AND 1 male LESSER SCAUP.
Maggie Smith
Arroyo Grande

Black Vulture - Morro Rock

Kaaren Perry

Bob Isenberg called me around 12:30 to report that the Black Vulture was circling the rock with several Turkey Vultures.  

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Calvin French <cal.french@...>

Here right now at a feeder 3 feet from me. I have photos. I think this is pretty unusual, right? Kaufman shows its range as Northeast North Middlewest, and Canada. 

goldeneye, murre--Morro Bay

marlin harms

Near Tidelands Park (south end of the Embarcadero) in Morro Bay there has been a female Common Goldeneye yesterday and today.  This morning there was also a Common Murre.  After looking away from it I lost track of it when it either flew or dove and came up a LONG way off.  Though I have heard of emaciated alcids along the coast, this one appeared to be acting normally, at least from a distance.

Marlin Harms
Morro Bay, CA

LOVR/Turri rd Golden Eagle

Sue Girard

Has anyone seen two Golden Eagles on lower Turri Rd/ LOVR side? On 1/03, one flew low and slow just in front of my truck, crossing Turri and landing at the edge of a field about 50 yds. past. It rose, then flushed and circled another very large all-dark bird that flew to perch on a utility pole crossbar.  It then moved back overhead, slowly circling to the east again. A pair of RT Hawks encouraged it along from the tall evergreens on the east side of Turri. The bird on the pole stayed put.


Sue G


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