Coon Creek birds

Peter Gaede

I hiked up the Coon Creek trail from the parking lot on Pecho Valley Road about 2 miles and back this morning. Good numbers of breeding birds were in place and singing (e.g., Swainson's thrushes); and an adult pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees was feeding young inside a cavity at one location along the trail.

At the junction with the Rattlesnake Flats Trail, an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER was flycatching from the top of one of the larger dead trees on the opposite side of the drainage. Further on, at about mile 1.75, a VARIED THRUSH flushed from a group of large oaks along to trail into dense willows along the riparian corridor. There were also a few migrants around at this location, including a female MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLER. Not far from my turnaround point (around mile 2), there were two singing PACIFIC WRENS along the creek, each separated by about 250 yards.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

Pismo Creek 5-12 9AM

Thomas Slater

Saw 4 Caspian Terns, 1 Royal Tern, a Bonaparte's Gull, several Whimbrels, and various large gulls. Also saw a pair of American Goldfinches on the reeds on the edge of the lagoon, some Northern Rough-winged Swallows, one Snowy Egret, one Pie-billed Grebe, and a Western Grebe. There was also a smaller gull there (although larger than the Bonaparte's) that I have yet to identify.

Tom Slater - Nipomo

Franklin's Gull/Arroyo Grande Creek Mouth 5/12

Maggie Smith

This morning there was a  FRANKLIN'S GULL at the mouth of Arroyo Grande creek. I think it was a first summer bird. It had a partial black cap with a white forehead and hind neck and conspicuous white eye arcs and primary spots.  The bill was small and black.
Maggie Smith
Arroyo Grande

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morro creek

Marlin Harms

At Morro Creek late this afternoon, while I looked upstream there was an
adult Green Heron flying further upstream. Because of the season, it makes
me wonder. There was a Short-billed Dowitcher closer to the ocean, but
still at the eastern end of the remaining creek mouth lagoon. While looking
for Kaaren's Franklin's Gull there yesterday I saw an immature Bonaparte's
Gull that was still there today and Kaaren says has been there a while. A
mallard hen and ducklings has been there several days, but I could not find
them today (though just as I arrived, a horse and rider walked up the creek
a ways). A male and female Northern Shoveler are still there. Photos of
the gull, dowitcher, and mallards are on my flickr page:
_ (

Near Whale Rock Reservoir along Cottontail Cr. Rd., I saw or heard some of
the expected breeding birds early this morning. On Old Creek Rd., about a
mile from Cayucos I saw a male Great-tailed Grackle--not sure if this is a
breeding location. Along those two roads I saw three male Blue Grosbeaks.

Marlin Harms
Morro Bay, CA

Morro Bay Condor

Mike Stiles

The Morro Coast Audubon received an email from Judy Cross with two pictures attached of the juvenile California Condor seen at the west end of Vista Street on May 9. It was sitting in a star pine tree, and the yellow 38 tag is clearly visible. It's the same bird that was seen at Montana de Oro.

Mike Stiles
Los Osos

MCAS Program Monday May 21st

Joanna Iwanicha

Please join us for our next Morro Coast Audubon Society program:

Rehabilitation of Wild Baby Birds, Presented by Rebecca Fay

Monday, May 21 at 7pm at the SLO Botanical Garden Oak Glen Pavilion in El Chorro Park (across from Cuesta College)

Avian Rehabilitation: Why do we do it? Is it good for bird populations or unnatural? What does it involve? Rebecca will answer these questions and provide information on identification, current medical care methods, special diets, and other needs of wild baby birds.

This will be a Show and Tell – Come see and hear about some of the birds currently in Rebecca's care.

Avian rehabilitator Rebecca Fay has rescued, rehabilitated, and released baby birds for over 9 years. She is a home rehabilitator with Pacific Wildlife Care, and has a degree in Ecology and Systematic Biology from Cal Poly. She would love to share with you her knowledge and experiences from over the years.

All MCAS Community Programs are free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided, bring your own mug. As always, all ages are welcome.

Pacific Wildlife Care can be reached at 805/543-WILD (9453) Leave a message and your call will be returned promptly. for information, training and events.


Birding Downtown SLO - recap

Kaaren Perry

Signs of Spring were everywhere this morning as 20 birders joined me for a walk along San Luis Obispo Creek in downtown San Luis Obispo. Birds singing, birds carrying nesting material, birds carrying food, birds on nests, birds feeding young were activities observed and enjoyed by all.

Of special note was the very large flock of Cedar Waxwings that remained with us most of the morning. We estimated well over one hundred, probably closer to 150. Band-tailed Pigeons were seen in good numbers and we had fun comparing them to the ever present Rock Pigeons. Anna's Hummingbirds and Brewer's Blackbirds were observed on nests and we got a nice look at Chestnut-backed Chickadees feeding recently fledged young. Northern Rough-winged Swallows were busy circling around the area and good looks were had of this species as one perched out in the open for all to see. We believe them to also be nesting nearby.

Many other species were also present and I think we all agreed that this is a great place to revisit and spend a few hours birding as we continue to follow the birds through the seasons.

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

Turri Road Evening Drive 5-10

Thomas Slater

Thanks to the posting of some here, I took a short drive on Turri Road while in SLO around 5:30pm.
I entered from the south and headed north to the cow pond and then turned around to head back to south county. I only had 20 minutes.
I saw in that short time my first blue grosbeak (near dirt ranch road spur on first curve on southern end) and my first lark sparrow (just south of the pond on fence).
There were numerous western bluebirds, meadowlarks, and redwing blackbirds as well. Thanks for posting!
Tom - Nipomo

Tom Slater
Slater Photography

Franklin's Gull - Morro Creek mouth

Kaaren Perry

This afternoon there was an adult Franklin's Gull in breeding plumage at the mouth of Morro Creek. It was seen from the north side of the creek, bathing in the northern most ocean inlet. The slate gray wings, red bill, large white spots on the primaries and prominent eye arcs helped me separate this gull from the more expected Bonaparte's Gull.

Although it was foggy I was able to get a few distant photos which have been zoomed up.

Flickr link to Franklin's Gull photos:

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

FW: Friday lecture on Seabirds of the Central Coast

Rouvaishyana <rouvaishana@...>

To Docents, Audubon members, and local birders,

Here is an educational opportunity about seabirds, presented by
researcher Dan Robinette.





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Subject: Friday lecture on Seabirds of the Central Coast

MBNMS Lecture Series at Rabobank in Cambria from 6-7pm


Dan Robinette from Point Reyes Bird Observatory will be showing
beautiful pictures and speaking on what a makes a seabird a seabird;
what species of seabirds breed in our area; the negative impact of
disturbance to seabird colonies and roost sites ; potential benefits of
the new California MPAs to seabirds, and lastly, using seabirds as
indicators of fish recruitment to nearshore habitats.

Carolyn Skinder
Southern Regional Program Coordinator
NOAA Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Director Coastal Discovery Center
PO Box 116
San Simeon, CA 93452
805-927-2145 wk
805-801-0773 wk cell

Final Cal Poly Ornithology Trip Report: Pozo/La Panza

Jessica Griffiths

This morning we birded the stretch of Hi Mountain Rd between Pozo Rd & the first creek crossing. Lots of good stuff around the creek crossing, the best of which was an adult BALD EAGLE flying overhead, following the riparian corridor upstream. We also saw a pair of WOOD DUCKS flying up the creek as well. The RED-TAILED HAWK nest we found there last year is active again this year, with at least one large fuzzy white chick visible.


Breeding activity: Aside from the aforementioned RT HAWK nest, we saw VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS gathering nesting material from the road, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCHES investigating a cavity for nesting, & an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER carrying food.

We then drove farther out on Pozo Rd to the pullout just past the Los Padres NF sign. On the way we saw BULLOCK'S ORIOLE & LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE. Out there we did not see anything out of the ordinary, but did see BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK and ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER. We also watched a female WESTERN BLUEBIRD building a nest in a sycamore cavity. No Lawrence's Goldfinches this time, to my great disappointment!

All told our species total for the day was 33. This is our last real field trip for the quarter, so this will be my last official dispatch. We'll still be going outside for labs for the next 3 weeks, so I will keep the list posted on any unusual sightings.

-Jessica Griffiths

Greater Roadrunner_Turri Rd.


Saw a greater roadrunner near the corner of South Bay and Turri Road around 11AM this morning. It ran back into the grasslands at Cerro Cabrillo.

John Sayers
Morro Bay

White Tailed Kite

njmann90 <njmann90@...>

Today at 4 p.m. mature White-tailed Kite over fields near intersection of Foothill and O'Connor Road
NJ Mann
San Luis Obispo

Re: condor in Morro Bay?

Kaaren Perry

Earlier today I reported a juv. Bald Eagle in my neighborhood. I had based my id on the fact that it was a very large dark raptor with white wing linings. The look I got was for about 2 seconds as flew past my window, trying to dodge a group of harassing crows. In addition to the obvious plumage coloration and large size, I also noticed a distinctive molt pattern of the tail and secondaries as it headed south.

Since posting that report I have been made aware of a photo taken of a bird that was circulated today in the SLO Tribune of a California Condor, seen yesterday between Montana de Oro and Diablo Canyon. The molt pattern of the bird in the photo is an identical match to what I had observed with todays raptor. Todays bird was missing a large chunk of tail feathers and also missing a few secondaries, on both the right and the left wings. Two spaces in the secondaries were noticed on the left wing. I believe it is safe to say....a California Condor was seen today in Morro Bay!

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to re-find the bird with the hope of getting a photo but was unable to relocate it.

"When you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras" Today I guess I should have thought zebras!

Huge thanks to Mary Romero for her post alerting us to her sighting and thoughts on this bird.

New yard bird: California Condor!

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

Mystery raptor

GardenGuru <thegardenguru@...>

Off East El Campo, near oak/pasture area.

Medium-sized raptor, not overtly chunky. Darkest brown except for white rump and good part of tail. Seemed smaller and darker than a Northern Harrier (which I've seen here). Flying excitedly around small grove of oaks.

(in sw AG)

Re: condor in Morro Bay?

Kaaren Perry

I have just read the post regarding a possible Condor. I had just posted what I assume was a juv. Bald Eagle but....I went by the white wing linings, not getting a good look at the bird other than dark eagle like bird with white rather splotchy wing linings, being chases and flying quickly out of sight. I was NOT thinking Condor. I do hope someone else spots this bird....soon!

I'm off to see if I can refind the bird. It was heading south toward Los Osos and the bay.


Bald Eagle Juv.- Morro Bay

Kaaren Perry

A juvenile Bald Eagle flew past my home in south Morro Bay this afternoon. It was being mobbed by crows at the time. New yard bird!

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

condor in Morro Bay?

Mary Romero

at about 1:30today I saw a huge bird in a tall pine tree on Shasta Ave just north of Olive, near Monte Young park. it flew south towards Cerritos peak and the Golf course. It was MUCH. BIGGER than a turkey vulture and had white wing linings. I did not see the head clearly. has anyone else seen this bird today? could it have been the condor spotted in MBO earlier in the week? Mary Romero

White-faced Ibis - Whale Rock Reservoir

Kaaren Perry

Maggie Smith and I decided to get up out of the fog this morning and headed inland. The highlight of the morning was a flock of 16 White-faced Ibis that flew over Whale Rock Reservoir.

Many of the expected Spring breeders were seen from along the roads between Morro Bay and Whale Rock Reservoir, including Ash-throated Flycatchers, Cassin's and Western Kingbirds, Blue and Black-headed Grosbeaks, Lazuli Buntings and Bullocks and Hooded Orioles.

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

<ADMIN> Please Sign Your Posts

Mike Stiles

It's once again time to plead to the group about signing your posts to slocobirding with your name and town. I'll tell you why I think it's important (and why I feel the need to rant about it).

If you report a bird in your neighborhood without a signature, you could be anywhere between Cambria and California Valley. If anyone has an interest in the bird and wants more information, we would like to know how to address our reply. Not everyone's name is included in their email address.

Think of it this way. Would you send an email to *anyone* else without your name on it?

Thanks for letting me rant. I feel much better now.

Mike Stiles
Los Osos
Owner/moderator SLOCObirding

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