Arctic Loon

Teddy Llovet <bluheron@...>

The Arctic Loon continues Saturday, January 14th. See images at link below.
fly the bird path ~} ~} ~}
Teddy Llovet

Morro Bay Boat Trip Highlights - Manx Shearwater

Tom Edell

The Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival boat trip left from Port San Luis this
morning (1/14) and headed west about 20 miles. The highlight of the trip
was two MANX SHEARWATERS seen about 14.5 miles SW of Point Buchon. Other
shearwaters seen today were about 15 PINK-FOOTED, 6 SOOTY, and 1-2
SHORT-TAILED. Other notable birds included a first-cycle GLAUCOUS GULL and
three adult BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES. In addition an adult and two
first-cycle THAYER'S GULLS, two POMARINE JAEGERS, and a single PARASITIC
JAEGER were seen. Hundreds of COMMON MURRES and RHINOCEROS AUKLETS along
with a small number of CASSIN'S AUKLETS were scattered along our route.

A female LONG-TAILED DUCKS was found along the inside of the breakwater in
the morning as we left the harbor.

Tom Edell

Cayucos, CA

Wild Turkeys

Paul Rosso <prrosso@...>

About 1:30 pm today Jan 14th, there was a flock of about 40 Wild Turkeys.
They were off the southside of RT 1 east of Kansas St. across from small
Cabrillo Highway sign. There was a smaller flock of Turkey Vultures in the
same field nearer Kansas.

Paul & Rita Rosso

Lompoc, CA

Arctic Loon @ 2:00pm SLO county

Kaaren Perry

Still present at San Simeon lagoon.

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

Northern Fulmar - Coast Guard Pier

Ron Melcer

There's a Northern Fulmar currently feeding on the water under the outfall for the Morro Bay Fish Company. South end of Pier.

Big Day!

Ron Melcer

Graduate Student
Lab of Molecular and Organismal Evolution
Biological Sciences
Cal Poly State University -
San Luis Obispo
(916) 296-6729

Artic loon still present 10 a.m. M ambrose


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Arctic Loon Continues

Brad Schram

I just got a call (6:45 AM Jan. 14) from Dave Lawrence, viewing the ARCTIC LOON in the lagoon at the mouth of San Simeon Creek along Hwy. 1 north of Cambria--exact same location as yesterday.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande

joining the Arctic loonacy

David L. Keeling

Well, the photos will continue to pour in. Here are three more for the pile. What fun.


Dave Keeling
Morro Bay

Results for the Casual Little Big Day 1/13

Maggie Smith

I led a great group of 10 birders from all parts of California.  We started as the sun was rising at San Simeon Pier where we saw 3 female WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS.

Little Pico Creek had an adult male BLACK SCOTER and 2 female HOODED MERGANSERS.

Next stop was San Simeon Creek where Curtis Marantz and Tom Edell had just found and identified an adult ARTIC LOON for us.  Since we were a casual group, we took time to enjoy this 'casual' species.

We had Pygmy Nuthatches at the Cambria Cemetery  and the RED-NECKED GREBE from the south end of the Coast Guard pier in Morro Bay.

Altogether we totaled 93 species.

Special thanks to our driver Chris who made my job much easier and also spotted some birds for us.
Maggie Smith
Arroyo Grande

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Oso Flaco/Oceano birds 1/13

Maggie Smith

Reporting for Paul Keller who led a field trip to Oso Flaco where they had 2 AMERICAN BITTERNS.

At Oceano Campground out on the peninsula they had a male SUMMER TANAGER, a female HOODED ORIOLE and the TROPICAL KINGBIRD.

Both the SNOW and CACKLING GOOSE are still present and have become good buds.
Maggie Smith
Arroyo Grande

Additional Arctic Loon photos

Mike Bush

I'm simply trying to add a few quick images for those who have not yet seen the Arctic Loon at San Simeon outflow, immediately north of Cambria. Turn right into the Washburn Day Use Area for parking across the street from the ocean and use the boardwalk under Hwy1to the outflow lagoon.

Great birding - and thanks to all those who made this sighting so quickly available to so many birders.

Mike Bush
Los Osos

photos can be seen:

Arctic Loon Image

William Bouton <bbouton@...>

An image of the Arctic Loon, found on Friday the 13th, during a field trip of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival may be viewed at:


Bill Bouton
San Luis Obispo, CA

Re: Arctic Loon Location Correction...

Tom Edell

An Arctic Loon found in the lagoon at the mouth of San Simeon Creek this
morning continued until dark. San Simeon Creek is on the north coast of San
Luis Obispo County and can be reached by taking Hwy 1 north from Hwy 101 or
by heading north from the Hwy 46 and Hwy 1 intersection. The lagoon is part
of San Simeon State Park. The location is north of the town of Cambria.

Tom Edell
Cayucos, CA

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I incorrectly noted that this morning's ARCTIC LOON at San Simeon is in San
Simeon Cove--it's not. It is in the lagoon, inside the sand bar, at the
mouth of San Simeon Creek by the bridge. This is north of Cambria, but
before the town of San Simeon.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande


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MB Winter Bird Festival-North Coast Field Trip

Karen Clarke <seachest@...>

Gale Kordowski and I led the Friday AM North County field trip for the MB
Winter Bird Festival. Our first stop at San Simeon Creek mouth (San Simeon
campground) held a lulu of a surprise for us in the form of an Arctic Loon,
first noticed as different from Pacific Loon by Sandra McGillivray. We also
saw the Common Gallinule briefly and numerous Snowy Plovers. We noted very
few gulls so early in the day.

At the second pull out north of the little town of San Simeon Acres a
Surfbird was spotted with Black Turnstones.

There were very few scoters in the water surrounding the pier at San Simeon
Cove. We didn't find the White-winged Scoters.

The pastures at the Hearst Ranch yielded no eagles, a distant flying
Ferruginous Hawk, and geese that disappeared into a swale before we could ID

Three 2nd year Glaucous-winged Gulls were present at the official Elephant
Seal site.

We saw the Black Scoter and two female Hooded Mergansers at Little Pico

Karen Clarke

Arctic Loon Location Correction...

Brad Schram

I incorrectly noted that this morning's ARCTIC LOON at San Simeon is in San Simeon Cove--it's not. It is in the lagoon, inside the sand bar, at the mouth of San Simeon Creek by the bridge. This is north of Cambria, but before the town of San Simeon.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande

Arctic Loon, San Simeon

Brad Schram

I just got a phone call from Tom Edell at San Simeon, where he and Curtis Marantz are leading a field trip for the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival. They are looking at an Arctic Loon in San Simeon Cove.

This is in San Luis Obispo county, about thirty minutes north of Morro Bay.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande

January 11 North Coast update

Kevin Zimmer

I spent a few hours birding the North Coast yesterday. The 1st-cycle Glaucous Gull was back at San Simeon Creek mouth (once again in with a large aggregation of gulls), and the immature Common Gallinule was still along the creek as well.

Little Pico Creek mouth had 3 female Hooded Mergansers.

Arroyo Laguna creek mouth once again had 2 male Common Mergansers, this time joined by 6 females.

Hearst Ranch pastures still with 1 Golden Eagle, 2 imm Bald Eagles and 1 adult Bald Eagle.

I should also mention something that I left off my 1/9 post: there were 5 Barn Swallows and 1 Tree Swallow foraging low over the beach at the Old Creek mouth (none of which were seen yesterday). Struck me as a bit early for Barn Swallows anywhere other than south county.

Kevin Zimmer

Backyard Birds

lisawaniuk <lisawaniuk@...>

I watched a pair of Hooded Mergansers this morning, in the same spot as posted on 12/17/2011 (Brizzolara creek). Same pair?

Lisa Waniuk

Glaucous Gull & other north coast birds

Kevin Zimmer

At ca. 1:30 p.m., Bill Rucci and I had a 1st-cycle Glaucous Gull (good photos) at the San Simeon Creek Mouth. The Glaucous was in with a mixed-species flock of at least 500 gulls (1 Thayer's, multiple Glaucous-wingeds, a few Glaucous-winged X Western hybrids, and 1 likely Glaucous X Herring hybrid, along with impressive numbers of Herring Gulls (50+) and masses of California, Mew & Westerns).

There were almost no gulls present when we stopped earlier in the morning. I counted a minimum of 52 Snowy Plovers there, but there were probably many more. On the inland side of the bridge, we had a pair of Hooded Mergansers and a male Common Merganser, as well as the immature Common Gallinule -- all of this in the morning around 0930.

Also 2 male Common Mergansers at Arroyo Laguna, along the creek mouth on the west side of Hwy. 1 (where there was also some pretty vigorous elephant seal jousting going on).

Also a lone female Hooded Merganser at Little Pico Creek (under the bridge), and a male Black Scoter offshore from there (in with 50+ Surf Scoters).

We did not see any geese at the Hearst pastures, but there were 2 imm. Bald Eagles chasing one another around + 1 adult Bald Eagle + 1 Golden Eagle + 1 Ferruginous Hawk and multiple White-tailed Kites and Red-tails. Also a single Burrowing Owl.

Kevin Zimmer

Monday birds/1/9

Maggie Smith

Started at the Hearst Pastures where there were 2 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED and 1 ROSS'S GOOSE.  Also present was an adult FERRUGINOUS HAWK and 2 immature BALD EAGLES.

A tan striped WHITE THROATED SPARROW was at the Cambria Cemetery.

A male EURASIAN WIGEON was with American Wigeons during a high tide off South Bay Blvd.

Two male and  2 female COMMON GOLDENEYE were seen left of the Audubon Overlook.

Four BONAPARTE'S GULLS were at the SLO Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Also present,  a male BLUE-WINGED TEAL which is unusual for that location. 

Yesterday Doug Stinson and I had 3 GOLDEN EAGLES along Pozo Road.  At Santa Margarita Lake, we had an adult and 2 immature BALD EAGLES.
One female COMMON GOLDENEYE was seen.  We looked for but didn't find any sapsuckers.

Maggie Smith
Arroyo Grande

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