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Regarding Karen's message about female birds defending territory:

When I lived in Michigan, I often saw female American Robins and female
Northern Cardinals attacking reflected images in windows. But I've also
seen both members of a pair defending their territories as a team effort

Bill Bouton
San Luis Obispo, CA

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This morning I walked up the hill into the Liemert Tract of Cambria to take
a tennis lesson. I took my binoculars so that I could bird along the way.
I heard a Pacific-slope Flycatcher---the first I've heard this year and I
assume one of the first arrivals to this area of Cambria. During my lesson,
I heard a Wilson's Warbler for the first time this year. I guess it is also
a recent arrival to the area. I also saw a "gang of four" Steller's Jays
moving in a very rowdy fashion from tree to tree around the tennis court.

I had an unusual behavioral observation at the tennis court. A pair of
Robins seems to be nesting in the area. My tennis instructor told me that
one of the robins has been attacking its adversary in the window of a house.
When I checked out the bird at the window, I saw that it was a female. The
male was foraging on the driveway. I thought that attacking a reflected
image was a male behavior in birds. Any comments?

Karen C.

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