Marlin Harms

Hi all,
I got a new yard bird this stormy morning, but I'm not 100% sure what it was.
(I live on Estero Ave. in Morro Bay.) I heard a quick call & saw two
kingbirds at the back of my yard. They were being buffeted by the wind &
flew down to get some berries out of the bushes below as I tried to look for
white outer tail markings, which I don't think I saw. What I did see was
distinct white chin/throat contrasting with the gray of breast & very slight
white at tips of tail feathers. Also the wing coverts of one were
significantly pale fringed, the other one slightly so. As you may be
guessing, I'm leaning toward Cassin's Kingbird. After a brief stay, the
local mockingbird ran them off. I didn't get a real good feel for how dark
the back was, nor how bright the yellow was in the dark, cloudy lighting.
Marlin Harms

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