cooper's hawks on the road

Gale Kordowski

Bill and I had just turned right onto Hwy 1 from Grand
Ave. in G.B. Sunday late morning, when Bill said in a
frantic voice �my God, look at those birds��just
before the car in front of us were (what appeared to
be) two Cooper�s Hawks that apparently locked talons
and dropped from the sky to the middle of Hwy 1�(thank
goodness the car going southbound stopped and the car
in front of us slowed down)�.just that quick one bird
flew left and the other went to the right. As we
slowly drove on I saw the bird that flew left soaring
in the sky (its tail was very long)�.as we drove on, I
bird that flew to the right had landed on a low tree
stump. It was hunched over, wings slightly spread
out, and was hanging onto a lifeless red-winged
blackbird in its talons�its tail was also very long�I
quickly asked Bill to turn around to make sure the
birds were not hurt�.when we drove back to the
scene�all the birds were gone.

The event happened near the driveway to the mobile
home park on Hwy 1 between Pismo Monarch Grove and

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