Lucerne Overlook - Correction!

Kaaren Perry

I misspoke…. Hermann's Gulls that were in the many hundreds, not Bonaparte's.  (Thanks Tom E. for the quick catch!)


Finally a clear morning!  Watching the cormorants stream past Morro Bay this morning I decided to head to Cayucos around noon and check out the Lucerne Overlook.  I would estimate several thousand Brandt's Cormorants packed shoulder to shoulder on the rocks, hundreds more on the open ocean near and past the kelp beds.  A few Double-crested and Pelagic Cormorants were also present. Brown Pelicans were numerous and all seemed to be taking part in the feeding activities when not roosting on the rocks.  Calling Western Gulls gave the overlook a definite wildlife feel. The Bonaparte's Gulls that were in many hundreds mentioned in my last post have dwindled down to just a few seen tucked in among the other seabirds on the rocks. During my 10 minute stop I saw no terns or shearwaters. 

While no rarities like the birds seen on the recent pelagic trip, the shear numbers of seabirds was well worth the visit. 

Kaaren Perry

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