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Chris Van Beveren

I can't do birdwalks anymore, but we can set the iPhone on the sill of a slightly open window, set to Merlin, to see what is calling early. Today it was a vigorous concert from a Bewick's Wren.

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On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 09:41:47 PM PDT, Mike Bush <mbushii@...> wrote:

Hi SLOCO Birders -

We pretty much all agree that birds are active early in the day, and then not so much throughout the rest of the day. Yes, they still feed, yet seem to be less energized than the first thing in the morning.

As an example: Tom Edell and I began our birding walk at Oso Flaco this morning at 7:02. Our walk along the interior roadway - the tunnel - was extremely birdy. So many bird songs in the air it was hard to decipher where they were all coming from, how many there were and just what birds were making the songs and calls. It was fantastic!

We walked onto the boardwalk across Oso Flaco Lake and waited for Least Terns to reappear as we had only a distant initial look. When we were walking back along the roadway to the parking area, we noted just how NOT BIRDY it was - just 90 minutes later. In some stretches it was almost silent. You can see our eBird report HERE.

This time of year can be a personal challenge for me to get out 'early' to bird - compared to the Christmas Bird Count when 7am was sunrise, and being out at that time didn't seem so bad. NOW the sunrise is at 5:48am. I was outside my house in an oak woodland in Los Osos this morning just before sunrise - and lots of birds were already singing!

If you think you are getting out early to start birding, and arrive ready-to-go at 8am, the birds have already been up for two and a half hours at this time of year.  [Not all birds are created equal. For example, raptors wait for the day to heat up to soar on thermals. Shorebirds and gulls perch on the sand overnight and the tides are often the best factor for good viewing.]

Oh! And without Daylight Savings Time, sunrise would be at 4:48am!!! See how easy we have it by getting a very early start just after 6am??

Marsh Wren singing at Oso Flaco Lake at 7:20am:
"I've been singing for an hour! Where  have you been??"
Marsh Wren, Oso Flaco 1Jun22 BushPhoto (6).JPG

Mike Bush
Los Osos, California

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