Tank Farm Rd

Chris Van Beveren

Jim and I drive Tank Farm Rd frequently these days. The north side is vacant land, most of it fenced with something that mostly blocks our view of the ground. The ground is disturbed but is sort of a small wetland. The fence has some short places where you can see through, but the traffic on this road drives at about 45-50 mph so you can't pull over or even drive slowly with binoculars. Every day this week we have seen a fast flash of a few white birds, today 3 or 4 of them. We assumed they might be Snowy Egrets, today Jim wondered could they be Cattle Egrets. The size looks better for Cattle Egrets. Has anyone else looked at this wetland this week? Going back tomorrow and Friday, with a spotting scope, we will try to pull in to a road intersecting Tank Farm, there is a parking lot there. It is still very far from the wetland. Map shows a dirt road approaching to maybe 300 feet to where the birds are. Across on the south side of the road there is a large driveway which might be closer, if sighting not blocked by the fence. Does anyone have experience birding this area, with suggestions for getting close., Also, if they are Snowy Egrets, forget it.

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