Banded Osprey sighted in Morro Bay

Judy Neuhauser

I am posting for Sharon Blakely
On Oct 19, Sharon Blakely spotted a banded Osprey sitting on the light pole over the restroom in the parking lot at Morro Rock. She had just watched Lisa Field’s presentation to MCAS on Osprey at Mono Lake and was on the alert for bands. It had a right leg silver band, left leg white-on-black band with a clear “P6” on the band. She sent the report to both Lisa Fields and and received this reply:
We received an email from Lisa Fields containing a photo of a banded Osprey that you spotted near Morro Rock.  She recognized that the band matched those used by Dr. Pete Bloom, who bands the Osprey chicks each year at Mono Lake for CA State Parks.  He also bands Ospreys in Orange County, and while the code “P6” was not used at Mono Lake, it does actually match to a chick that was banded in April at the Newport Beach Back Bay nest this year.  How great to know it is alive and well, and has made it up to coast to Morro Bay (over 200 miles)!  After two years of unsuccessful nesting attempts at the Newport location (2019 & 2020), several organizations and agencies (including Bloom Biological), worked together to rebuild the nest platform and it was very exciting when two chicks successfully hatched, were banded, and fledged in 2021.  That nest also has a nest cam - here is a link to a video from April that shows the chicks with both parents in the nest . I’ve also attached some photos from that day of banding.
Feel free to share this with your fellow birders and, as I think Lisa already mentioned to you, please be sure to report any sightings of banded or tagged birds to the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory . These sightings are so helpful to researchers. Pete Bloom has been banding and tagging birds in California for the past 50 years - for more info on his various research projects, you can read our blog at or follow us on Facebook.
Immense thanks to Lisa for giving this latest presentation to the Morro Coast Audubon Society, and we are happy to know that we now have another informed citizen scientist helping to provide important data points for raptor research!
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Judy Neuhauser
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