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Chris Van Beveren

Great story - I would think one Peregrine would be unable to deal with a fat Pintail, but two of them. Have you ever seen them hunt as a pair before?

My daughter told me a bird experience she had this week. She walks a path near the bay a couple of miles south of SFO airport while one of her kids is in a practice. About 8pm she heard a loud Splat! and looked around to where it had come from, possibly the back door of a nearby restaurant, when another Splat! This one she could tell was overhead. She looked up and counted not one, or two, but 14 Great Blue Herons roosting. and pooping.

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On Saturday, October 9, 2021, 04:15:25 PM PDT, Jim Royer <jrmotmot@...> wrote:

I was out at the Elfin Forest this morning and had some interesting birds and bird behavior. Shorebirds of interest included a Ruddy Turnstone and four Red Knots. It was a fair morning for migration with two flocks of swallows passing over the bay (all Violet-green with one Tree Swallow), a number of warblers - mostly Butter-butts, with some Townsend’s, a Yellow, and Orange-crowneds.

We watched Two Peregrines soar high into the sky before one made a screaming fast dive toward the estuary and hit a Pintail. A young harrier acted interested in the prey, and the two Peregrines harassed it non-stop until it backed off. Meanwhile, the injured duck was trying to fly away, but couldn’t get far before the Peregrines returned and finished it off. After the peregrines were done eating, they flew around below us and chased off a surprised Red-shouldered Hawk. Several vultures flew in to feed on the carcass along with a Great Blue Heron! I had never seen a Great Blue Heron feeding on carrion before. Has anyone else?

Jim Royer
Los Osos

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