2021: Final Year of Black Oystercatcher Nest Monitoring

petra schaaf

The following information was received from Jodi Isaacs, Environmental Scientist for California State Parks.

Attached is the "2021 Final Report" of the "Black Oystercatcher Reproductive Success Monitoring, San Luis Obispo County."

2021 marks the last year of official Black Oystercatcher nest monitoring on the San Luis Obispo coast, completing a 10-year data set to be included in Audubon California's Black Oystercatcher  population viability analysis.

In 2011 Audubon California had conducted a statewide population survey to attain baseline data regarding Black Oystercatcher distribution and abundance. In 2012, the study evolved into a collaborative effort between multiple agencies and organizations to assess the reproductive success of Black Oystercatchers within California.  Nest monitoring surveys were conducted from May through September over a ten-year period.

For the 2021 breeding season local monitoring efforts were conducted by community scientists and State Parks employees and coordinated by Jodi Isaacs, with funding assistance from Morro Coast Audubon Society Chapter.

Petra Clayton,
Los Osos, CA

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