Stranger Things

Thomas Slater

Inspired by Kaaren's post about her WC Sparrow, I decided to head outside and drink my morning coffee. Seeing Cassin's Kingbirds chasing large insects high in the air, I opted to scan the sky instead of wait for birds to come and perch in my yard. I saw lots of activity. Band-tailed Pigeons, Red-winged Blackbirds, small birds I couldn't quite make out in flight, and then... (dramatic pause) a male WOOD DUCK. We have a small pond in the middle of my street and it flew up and out and away, two white bars leading upwards from its neck and chin were the most prominent markings I could see from a distance, that and a steep forehead and that it was a smallish duck.

It's gonna be a good day,
bird on,

Tom Slater
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Tom Slater
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Tom Slater

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