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*** Species Summary:

- Hooded Merganser (1 report)
- Solitary Sandpiper (1 report)
- Black Skimmer (1 report)
- Hermit Thrush (3 reports)

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Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) (1) CONFIRMED
- Reported Apr 22, 2021 08:49 by Tom Edell
- Hardie Park/Cayucos Creek (Ocean Ave Bridge to Hwy 1 Bridge), Cayucos, San Luis Obispo, California
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=35.4518225,-120.9062489&ll=35.4518225,-120.9062489
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S86127827
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "Female"

Solitary Sandpiper (Tringa solitaria) (1) CONFIRMED
- Reported Apr 27, 2021 16:14 by Grace Romero
- 4545 Sycamore Rd, Atascadero US-CA 35.50840, -120.66376, San Luis Obispo, California
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=35.508403,-120.663762&ll=35.508403,-120.663762
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S86533977
- Comments: "Flew into pond. Dark underwings and central dark line through the tail visible. Vocalized for several minutes upon landing. A little smaller and much more delicate than nearby killdeer. Dark back with white spotting. Mottled dark breast. Yelloish legs. Teetered intermittently."

Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger) (1) CONFIRMED
- Reported Apr 27, 2021 13:26 by Dane Fagundes
- Morro Bay SP--Marina/Boardwalk Trail, San Luis Obispo, California
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=35.3445235,-120.8418006&ll=35.3445235,-120.8418006
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S86517525
- Comments: "Black above white below black and orange bill"

Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus) (1)
- Reported Apr 27, 2021 08:18 by Kees Eglowski
- Dove Creek Sensitive Habitat Trail, San Luis Obispo, California
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=35.4488531,-120.6375668&ll=35.4488531,-120.6375668
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S86500501
- Comments: "Small thrush with rufous tail"

Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus) (2)
- Reported Apr 26, 2021 06:36 by Janet Rayner
- Pine Mountain Cemetery--Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, California
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=35.4957362,-120.6570252&ll=35.4957362,-120.6570252
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S86517099
- Media: 2 Photos
- Comments: "Brown with reddish tail, light breast with dark spots , and no Buffy eyering and spectacles like the Swainson’s."

Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus) (1)
- Reported Apr 27, 2021 08:45 by Rick Saval
- Pismo SB--Oceano Campground, San Luis Obispo, California
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=35.1085767,-120.6265268&ll=35.1085767,-120.6265268
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S86500377
- Media: 2 Photos
- Comments: "Photos."


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