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I checked with the site administrator and was told that it would be okay to post this tool.  A few years ago, I birded Sax-Zim Bog and began following the MOU-net bird report.  One of the people in Minnesota put together a birding tool that will tell you the probability of seeing a particular species within your area during a time period that you pick.  By simply entering your zip code, or city, and the month, the site will give you a listing of the birds and the probability of seeing that bird.  It also gives you an idea of abundance increases and decreases.  Finally, after you see the birds in your area, you can click on the bird and it will give you the hotspot where it can be located.

This tool doesn't really do anything more that Ebird does, but for people that don't Ebird, it seems like it could be pretty useful.  Not my tool, not completely sure of the accuracy nor the longevity of the tool.  However, kind of a nifty tool.  I'm sure it provides other ways of analyzing the data.  Have fun.

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John Deacon

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