Calif Quail in Morro Bay yard

Rosalie Valvo

Yesterday, as I walked in Morro Bay to and from the post office, I saw lots of activity with the small birds, juncos and such.  Very entertaining.  But on my way home, I spotted a larger bird, a California Quail male, in a landscaped area in front of the condos at Shasta and Marina.  I looked around for a female but saw none.  I continued on, and a moment later Marlin and Connie Harms, who live nearby on Estereo, stopped their car to talk to me.  I told them about the quail.  They said that they’ve never seen a quail around the neighborhood in all the years they’ve lived there.  I, too, have never seen a quail in the neighborhoods in all my years here.  Quail families up on Black Hill, yes, but never in the populated areas.


So is my experience extraordinary?  Are quails in the neighborhoods more common than Marlin and Connie and I have noticed?




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