Breeding season and habitat protection

Kaaren Perry

Like the rest of the country we are probably enjoying many bird species beginning to exhibit breeding behaviors.  Singing, sky diving, pairing up, territorial displays and perhaps the carrying of nesting materials, all part of the season.  As we enjoy the coming of Spring it is also good to remember a few things about the necessity of habitat protection.  Any unnecessary pruning or trimming of bushes and trees should be kept to a bare minimum if done at all!  In most cases significant fines can and will be imposted if there is any disturbance of nesting birds…. whether hawks or hummingbirds!  

MCAS is getting a few early season reports concerning extensive tree and brush trimming going on along with requests for us to "do something".  With that in mind I am including a link to a flyer "Seasonal Tree Trimming". This flyer was compiled by Sea and Sage Audubon and has been slightly edited and included here with their permission.

Please take a look and perhaps keep this handy to review as we enter into this important  and often precarious season for our nesting birds.  

If you find a sick bird or bird needing assistance contact Pacific Wildlife Care for further information at:

Kaaren Perry
MCAS Education and Outreach Chairperson

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