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Thank you Tom and Jeff for the reminders.  I’ve attended the Morro Bay Bird fest which is how I found this wonderful group.  I enjoy reading your posts when I’m snowed in.

I remember reading about this plan last year and thinking it would not get much steam.  I was wrong!  It looks like it is gaining support.  We need to stand on the roof tops and speak up.  We need your help!  Pause - imagine two dozen ohvs zooming around the agricultural fields next to the Oso Flaco parking lot.  Imagine standing on the wonderful board walk and hearing the constant yammering of sand buggies driving by.  Who knows - in 10 years they may open the maintenance road that runs past the boardwalk! They say no...but once they get a foot hold...

I grew up in Santa Maria in the 60s and 70s and (dispersed) camped at Oso Flaco (pre-boardwalk) and entered the dunes in my friend’s buggy via the maintenance road.  No doubt it was a fun time but the land needs us more now than to have uninhibited access in the dunes. I moved to Lake Tahoe in 1980 and continue to visit family in the area.  I’ve since gone on to become a wildlife biologist and enjoy exploring the Sierra.  While it was fun enjoying OHV activities as a kid, I am in awe of how Mother Nature has see the vegetation that has grown in among the sand see Osprey, Sora, raccoons and hear the call of the Virginia Rail from the boardwalk fills my heart with delight.  I routinely see Snowy Plover scurrying around on my trips to Main Street beach - I never saw them when I was growing up. 
Another concern is how recreation enthusiasts will access this area.  Oso Flaco road is shared with the general public and agricultural workers - now add another use on top of this existing road or will they create a four lane highway?  Which also has an active railroad line running through it.  There is no direct way to get to Oso Flaco.  With this new plan being moved south, some vehicles will access through Santa Maria and Guadalupe. Santa Maria already receives its share of big rig truck traffic as they drive to the farms and packaging sheds.  Now let’s add impatient toy haulers and valley people driving across town and on the already deadly highway 166/Main Street road.
Please, please I urge you to comment on this plan before MARCH 2.

Sheryl Ferguson
Lake Tahoe/Santa Maria

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 I’m bumping Jeff Miller’s message up... 

Sometimes as birders we get so focused on the birds that we forget to take time to stick up for the habitats that they require. Please re-read below and respond and comment before we lose Oso for good. Don’t just assume that because it’s a crazy plan that it won’t get completed. It’s looking like it will.

If you’ve ever enjoyed birding at Oso Flaco Lake you should be very upset and angry about State Park’s plan to destroy Oso Flaco as a birding destination. State Parks just released their final Public Works Plan, and it would be a disaster for Oso Flaco, birds and birders. You can read the plan here:

Bird on... for now

Tom Slater

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