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Michael Hanson

I've had both Coopper's Hawks and Sharp-shinned Hawks harassing my feeders at various times.  I have found that the dickey birds wise up quickly and the hunting by these hawks soon becomes unproductive ad hawks move on after a short time.  I guess I count it a privilege to have these hawks visit my yard occasionally and afterall, feeders are for all, aren't feeder for all (except for the huge flocks of Band-tailed Pigeons who would empty my large feeder in about a day's time and crowd out all the smaller birds).

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This may be the same Cooper’s hawk that’s been bold in my yard ;-). I read on line that it’s best to take down the bird feeders for a while. 

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I have a Coopers Hawk, hanging out at my house for a few hours a day.  He dives into a shrub where all the smaller birds used to hide for safety, and now has become so brave that he just sits on my fence, or on a rock right beside the bush.  He is not afraid of me at all unless I get within 3 feet of him.  Then he casually flies a few feet away.      I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas to keep my other birds safe.
I am thinking about feeding the hawk, maybe some chicken, or other ideas, if anyone thinks that would deter his hunting.  Or if I just have to let nature take it's course.

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