Oso Flaco

Thomas Slater

I’m bumping Jeff Miller’s message up... 

Sometimes as birders we get so focused on the birds that we forget to take time to stick up for the habitats that they require. Please re-read below and respond and comment before we lose Oso for good. Don’t just assume that because it’s a crazy plan that it won’t get completed. It’s looking like it will.

If you’ve ever enjoyed birding at Oso Flaco Lake you should be very upset and angry about State Park’s plan to destroy Oso Flaco as a birding destination. State Parks just released their final Public Works Plan, and it would be a disaster for Oso Flaco, birds and birders. You can read the plan here: https://www.oceanodunespwp.com/en/documents/draft-eir

Bird on... for now

Tom Slater

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