Re: Streak-backed Oriole

marlin harms

Yesterday morning I arrived behind the Spooner Ranch House in Montana de Oro just after several people had seen the oriole. After a while Terri Osborn and I heard and saw it moving furtively around and going to the orangish flowering Aloe several times. Then we saw it fly north across the main road. Terri spotted it there. As I left the park I decided to stop at the first small dirt parking lot just east and north of Spooner's Cove (on the ocean side of the road), where there is another huge or multiple Aloes and I DID hear the oriole, but didn't see it. Just thinking that that is another place to look/listen for the oriole. I was only there about 15 min., since by about 10:00 it started to be used as an actual parking lot for people taking off on bikes. That may happen a bit earlier in the day on a weekend day without rain.

Marlin Harms
Morro Bay, CA

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