Streak-backed Oriole - continuing

Kaaren Perry

The first county record Streak-backed Oriole, found initially by Jim Royer on Nov. 4, 2020, continued this morning at Montana de Oro State Park.  Today it was mostly seen and heard from the entrance, behind the Ranch House and along both sides of the path leading to the first camp loop. 

The behavior that I observed today seemed to have changed a bit since my last effort to photograph the bird the end of Nov.  On my previous visits the bird was extremely elusive, sometimes hunkering down deep in the brush for extended periods of time before flying out and quickly diving into another bush.  This morning it was seen on more than one occasion, tee'd up near the tops and edges of various small trees and bushes. It was heard chattering on multiple occasions and at one time I believe I heard a soft wheet from his direction. Finally a chance to get a photo!  Slightly obscured but nevertheless, after more photo attempts than I care to reveal, I left happy! What a stunning bird!

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

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