Possible Black Rail Cypress Ridge Golf Course

Liam&Kilian Hampl <thomshe@...>

I just got back from Cypress Ridge Golf Course and pavilion area on the Mesa in Arroyo Grande where at about 1:00 P.M where I saw a possible BLACK RAIL. It was a small black bird, noticeably less chunky and smaller than a Sora, and only came out for a second before darting back into the reeds. 
Cypress Ridge Golf Course has a gated community and is publicly accessible through the gated community pavilion and you can get into the neighborhood from there. Park at gated community entrance off El Campo road and pull into Cypress Ridge. I saw the bird at a pond further in the neighborhood to the southeast next to the golf course. For anyone interested in checking it out I have attached screenshots of how to get to the pond and directions.

Kilian Hampl, 
Arroyo Grande

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