Eastern Phoebe Continues - San Simeon-Monterey Creek Rd

Mike Bush

Hi and Happy New Birding Year, SLOCO-birders!

Jeanne Miller and I saw Pat and Ann Vaughn at the Eastern Phoebe site and they helped us find the bird. It is regularly found within a few hundred feet of a Yellow-Diamond Warning Sign, for a 20 mph double-curve, found 3.3 miles from Hwy 1, on San Simeon - Monterey Creek Road.

We saw it perching on 12" - 18" stubble in the field, and then flew over the road to the creekbed; only to return again. Last month I also saw it perched on the barb wire along the roadway.

Best to EVERYONE for a great birding year.

Mike Bush
Los Osos, CA

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Mike Bush
Los Osos, California

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