Nipomo Tanagers/

Sue Girard

Had two female Tanagers very briefly stop at my drip birdbath this afternoon.

One was solid olive,darker on the upperside, no wingbars; contrasting with lighter olive breast and underparts, yellowish UTC. Yellowish bill.  A Scarlet? I know ebird indicates they are not usually found here but I did have a bright vagrant male 2 falls ago. 

The other was a Pale Western with grayish white underparts, dbl wingbars, gray back & wings, olive rump, dull yellow bill.

In spring & summer they feed on nectar from cupped blooms of flowering Monkey Hand Tree x Fremontedendron a block away on Sandydale Dr.  Since the tree is still in bloom, I assume they they came from there to my yard for water.

A warbler+  mixed flock is active and confiding at the end of Sandydale where it intersects with Pomeroy Rd  An extensive canopy of live oaks over the street provides food sources late morning and mid afternoon. The usual Townsend's, Wilsons' and Yellow-rumped, plus RC Kinglets, Western Bluebirds, Oak Titmice, etc.   Many good looks in just a few minutes, at close range. (5-10') Near small horse corrals.

stay safe!
Sue Girard
near Nipomo Native Garden

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