Cackling Geese, etc. around Morro Bay

Jim Royer

Out in the pickleweed I had 8 Cackling Geese with some Canada Geese, and a White-fronted Goose with another flock of Canada’s, seen from South Bay Blvd. at high tide. I was on my bike, so for you drivers, you would have to park at the lot for the Quarry Trail and carefully walk across South Bay Blvd. to see them. Please let me know if you find any Ross’s Geese (I need them for my local patch year list). Two adult Bald Eagles were in the same vicinity. I think high tide is very helpful for these birds.

A Redhead and a Canvasback continued on the Sea Pines Golf Course pond - seen best from the west end of Howard. I don’t think high tide is necessary for this location.

Jim Royer
Los Osos

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