Slate-colored Fox Sparrow

Sue Girard

Had one each Sooty and Slate-colored Fox Sparrows stop by for water, standing together on the damp ground next to the drip ground birdbath yesterday morning. A Slate appeared again this morning and late afternoon.  If it's the incredible bouts of heat sending them in for water, I'll take it, and stop grumbling about it.

I had what may be a Nashville Warbler today, a little larger than an Orange-crowned, gray head, yellow chin to vent, gray vent( behind legs) , greenish back, yellow under tail, complete white large eye ring. No crown patch visible.  Active, and I noticed when perched head-on, it didn't flick its tail up/down or side to side but slung it around in a circle. Comments?

It's been a fairly birdy fall, with higher multiples of usual winter residents than in the past 6-8 years. 3-4 Ruby Crowned Kinglets, 5 Orange crowned Warblers, 3-4 Townsend's, 3-4 Hermit Thrush ( based on chest patterns). This fall it's multiple times a day. The prunus hedge is still offering ripe cherry-like 'fruits' (big hard seeds with only a thin purple skin, no flesh, that the birds relish). It's carrying the fruits late into fall, normally they are gone by mid Sept, so perhaps it's the food that is the attraction.  I don't  irrigate at all, but Thrashers, Thrush & Robins are here daily. My yard is a fairly brushy habitat--no manicured garden here, next to a big open parcel of oaks & scrub, so maybe they feel safe. No cats for about 3 years.  

Sue Girard
Nipomo northside  

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