Thick -billed Fox Sparrow yard bird, Nipomo

Sue Girard

This morning, moving with a Hermit Thrush. Picking in damp soil around a ground water basin, in high traffic area. Not intimidated by larger birds flying in for water: Robin, Jay, Mockingbird.

Thick finch-like bill, gray crown and nape, reddish brown wash to wings and rump. Stunning bird, chest markings are dark charcoal.

I usually have a brownish Sooty or two in winter, hope this one sticks around.

** edit to include possible 1FF Mourning Warbler. Brief drink at gd BB, then gleaning through Prunus hedge at 3' consistently, never venturing upwards as Orange-crowned do, skulky.  Grayish crown blending softly to soft yellow throat; yellow breast, all yellow undertail coverts. Large bill. Sleek and trim in appearance.  Flattened head, large eye w/complete white eye ring.
Sue Girard
northside Nipomo

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