Oso evening

Thomas Slater

Finally some sunny weather and NO fog. It's been low visibility for a week or more.
It was worth it just to bask in the golden hour glow on the boardwalk.

Over 50 species in two hours.
There has been the same cast of characters out there for over a week...
Highlights -
2 Hermit and 2 Black-throated Grays, a bunch of Townsend's, Orange, and Yellow warblers with just a single Yellow-rumped Warbler.
There was a gorgeous Cassin's Vireo that wouldn't sit still for a photo so I just gawked at it through my binoculars.
4 Long-billed dowitchers.
The lake is fairly boring (a zillion northern shovelers, coots and ruddy ducks) with the exception of the addition of the Belted Kingfisher about 10 days ago. It's still around.

I hope a new wind brings in a new cast of characters.

If it doesn't, I'm moving to Morro Bay.

Full list and pics

Bird on,

Tom Slater

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