northside Nipomo yardbirds

Sue Girard

Western Tanager females and two juveniles continue feeding on Prunus "cherry" fruit skins along with Scrub Jays, House Finches.
Orange-crowned and Townsend's Warblers travel through daily with a small flock of Bushtits, Oak Titmice, and a Chickadee or two, picking among the leaves for insects and spiders. Hummers shun feeders in favor of various Salvia and Nicotiana,
CA Thrashers and Spotted and CA Towhees plus a Swainson's Thrush dig under the hedgerow leaf litter.
Cooper's Hawk regularly buzzes the sideyard between the house and hedgerow.
A few American Robins still remain, but the numbers are down. There was quite a hub-bub in the euc tops this past weekend at sunset, with groups of Robins moving back and forth in the treetops.  Now usual summer morning and evening calling is missing.
Sparrows arriving. One Golden crown, and half dozen White-crowned, some with the orange bill and brown & tan crown striping.

Sue Girard
Nipomo northside


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