Baird's Sandpipers

Bob Chapman

This has been an incredible year for Baird’s Sandpipers. In a typical year I see perhaps a handful of BASA along the shore at Oceano Dunes. Last fall I saw one bird.


On August 27th I emailed Tom asking him about BASA, wondering if he felt this was an exceptional year. I mentioned I was seeing 5-6 birds a day, which is crazy. “Still in the window” was the gist of his response. In a conversation with Herb Elliot he mentioned that 85 birds was the previous record for a year.


I saw my first BASA (2) on August 19th birding with Jeff Miller and I have seen them everyday since. I have now tallied and submitted on eBird, 115 BASA sightings with a mind-boggling high of 23 yesterday. This is not counting 6 days where I worked and saw BASA but did not eBird. Figuring 6 birds/day that would be another 36, for a total of 151 Baird’s Sandpipers! Wow.


Bob Chapman

Oceano Dunes


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