Bell's Vireo - Morro Bay

Kaaren Perry

Yesterday afternoon at 5:00 I glanced out the window and noticed a very small bird bathing below in our water feature.  It seemed to be about the size of a Bushtit but.. wasn't! 

Once I realized it was not a usual visitor I ran to get my camera.  Luckily the bird was still in the area, preening in the nearby brush where it continued for a brief time. After studying my photos, consulting several resources and eliminating several options I decided that this was a Bell's Vireo.  I am not comfortably familiar with the species and sent the photos and my thoughts to Jim Royer. Jim had helped me id the same species in Sept. 2013, the last time I had come across a Bell's Vireo in SLO County.

We both agreed yes, this was indeed a Bell's Vireo.  Yard Bird #157.  Exciting way to end the day!  A few photos now on flickr

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