Turri Road ponds & North Coast creek mouths

Kevin Zimmer

Today (Thursday, September 10), I checked the Turri Road ponds, San Simeon Creek mouth, and Arroyo Laguna for shorebirds.  Arroyo Laguna had nothing of note, and San Simeon Creek mouth was little better, except for a single Lesser Yellowlegs, possibly the same individual that was first reported there a couple of weeks ago.

The Turri Road ponds were much more active.  The western most pond had 5 Greater Yellowlegs and a single Red-necked Phalarope.  The next pond to the east had 8-10 Red-necked Phalarope.  The eastern most pond (and the muddiest of the bunch) was teeming with peeps, with ca. 80-100 birds (estimated 60% Least; 40% Western + 2 juvenile Baird’s Sandpipers.

Kevin Zimmer

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