Oso and south county migrants

Thomas Slater

I've been taking Oso Flaco's pulse almost every evening and today it finally came alive with a female Hermit Warbler, several Orange and Yellow Warblers of various shades and hues, female Townsend's Warbler, Western Wood-Pewee, and a Warbling Vireo. Red-necked Phalaropes still abound, but in far fewer numbers than last week, but still well over 60. I just saw one Wilson's.

I've also had Townsend's Warbler and Warbling Vireo in my yard.

The most comical event was showing SLO County's Administrative Officer his Lifer Wood Duck... marching him down a dirt road in Trilogy's back 40 one evening whilst wearing his suit and tie with shiny dress shoes. I handed him my bins and he scored his duck. I also spied a Belted Kingfisher at the reclamation ponds.

Bird on,

Tom Slater

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